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Heidelberg Materials: A Profile in Leadership for Decarbonizing Concrete

In this live webinar, Larry Rowland, Sustainability Market Manager for Heidelberg Materials North America, will explain how Heidelberg Materials aims to be the industry leader on the path to low-carbon, net-zero concrete. As a major concrete, aggregate, and cementitious materials supplier, Heidelberg Materials is an important stakeholder in achieving more sustainable concrete. This presentation will outline key facets of Heidelberg Materials' sustainability roadmap, which details a commitment to achieve net zero concrete by 2050. Heidelberg Materials is committing to a transparent approach throughout this process. The roadmap of their journey includes the use of innovative products and technologies, carbon capture utilization and storage, as well as inputs from the circular economy to reach ambitious goals.

Join Larry Rowland on Thursday, May 30th, at 02:00 PM Eastern Time for this informative webinar.


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