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Videos & Webinars

This collection of videos and webinars can answer any questions about the mission of NEU and the industry goal to lower the level of carbon emissions in concrete. The recorded webinars are presented by industry experts and NEU technical staff.

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Industry Webinars

 NEU Videos 

An Overview of NEU: An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete

 NEU Webinars 

An Overview of Sustainable Concrete Design, Dr. Andrea Schokker, P.E., LEED AP, NEU


The NEU Center and How ACI is Working to Address Carbon Neutrality in Concrete, NEU


ABCs of Carbon Neutral Concrete: LCAs, EPDs, PCRs, Dean Frank, P.E., NEU  


Is There a Pathway to Carbon Neutral Concrete Without Using Offsets? Ignacio Cariaga, Heidelberg Materials


How to Share Your Message About Sustainable Initiatives, Kimberly Kayler, AOE 


NEU Validation/Verification Program for Evaluation of Environmental Claims Related to Reducing Carbon Emissions Associated with Cement and Concrete, Dean Frank, P.E., NEU

Low-Carbon Concrete: Technologies, Policy, and the Pathway to Model Code Language, Dr. Matthew Adams, New Jersey Institue of Technology


NEU Carbon Neutral Concrete Day at ACI Spring 2023 Convention
Morning Session

Introduction to NEU, Dean Frank, P.E., NEU

NEU: A Catalyst for Expediting the Acceptance of Technologies for Low-Carbon Concrete, Dr. Charles Nmai, PE, M.ASCE, FACI, Master Builders Solutions Admixtures US LLC

LC3 or Calcined Clay Cements, an Upcoming Alternative Material that has Multiple Benefits for the Production and Placement of Carbon Neutral Concrete, Dr. Karen Scrivener, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Decarbonizing Cement and Concrete-Based Constructions: What Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Could Mean for the Sector? Dr. Gaurav Sant, University of California, Los Angeles,

Panel Discussion and Q&A SessionDean Frank, NEU

Carbon Neutral Luncheo 

Overcoming Barriers to Adoption of More Sustainable Concretes, Dr. Doug Hooton, University of Toronto


Seismic Retrofit & Carbon Capture, Patrick McConnell, Atlantis Fiber 

Impact of UHPC to the total carbon footprint of a pre-cast bridge installation, Peter W. Weber, ceEntek Pte Ltd.

Low Carbon Concrete Case Studies, Mark A. Bury, Master Builders Solutions


Leading the Way to Net Zero Concrete, Larry Rowland, Heidelberg Materials  

Afternoon Session 

Impacts of Senate Bill 596 and Other Low Carbon Policy Initiatives in California, Thomas Tietz, California Nevada Cement Association



The Value of Demonstration Projects: A Case Study at MnROADLawrence Sutter, Sutter Engineering LLC

Meta's Road to Net Zero: How Artificial Intelligence can be Leveraged by Project Teams to Scale Use of Low Carbon Concrete, Amruta Sudhalkar, LEED AP BD+C , Meta


Sustainability Crafted: Benefits of Limestone Stucco Products, Ralph Bush, StoneCoat International, Inc.


Scaling Ultra-Low Carbon Concrete from Pilot-Scale to Plant-Scale Production, Camly Tran, Ph.D., CarbonBuilt


NEU Validation/Verification Program, Dean Frank, NEU 

These resources are provided for the user's convenience and have not been reviewed or approved by NEU or ACI.

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