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NEU Validation/Verification Program is Now Taking Applications!

NEU is proud to announce that in anticipation of the full implementation of our Validation/Verification Program, we are ready to accept applications for validation or verification of products and technologies that reduce carbon emissions in concrete construction.

NEU’s technology Validation/Verification Program will assess and validate the claims of innovative and new products/technologies associated with low carbon cement and concrete production. There are two primary paths—validation and verification. So, what is the difference?

Validation consists of evaluating reasonableness of the assumptions, limitations and methods that support an environmental claim about the outcome of future activities. Verification is evaluating an environmental claim based on historical data and information to determine whether the claim is materially correct and conforms to relevant criteria.

The impartial process is conducted by subject matter experts (SME) based on internationally accepted standards and will consist of several phases, including application and initial review, independent SME committee formation, SME review and report drafting, and public release or appeal. The validation/verification application fee is $1,500. Note that once the application process has been completed and the application is accepted, a quote will be provided for the validation or verification phase along with a contract specifying the scope of the validation or verification, etc.

Learn more on NEU’s website or submit an application today. For questions, contact us at


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