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Recipients of U.S. DOE Investments Revealed

NEU: An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete (NEU) is excited to announce the detailed plans for $6B of investments in the U.S. industrial sector by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). These investments will establish future paths to decarbonize the industrial sector.

With the industrial sector considered one-third of global CO2 emissions, this announcement is an immense investment in these businesses. These investments are spread out over the cement, steel, and aluminum industries.

In the cement and concrete industry, program selections for award negotiations include:

  • Deeply Decarbonized Cement project

    • Brimstone Energy, Inc.

    • Federal cost share: up to $189 million

  • First Commercial Electrochemical Cement Manufacturing

    • Holyoke, Mass.

    • Sublime Systems, Inc.

    • Federal cost share: up to $86.9 million

  • Lebec Net Zero Cement Plant project

    • Lebec, Calif.

    • National Cement Company of California

    • Federal cost share: up to $500 million

  • Limestone Calcined Clay Cement Production

    • Troutville, Va.

    • Roanoke Cement Company

    • Federal cost share: up to $61.7 million

  • Low-Carbon Calcined Clay Cement Demonstration

    • Port Deposit, Md.; McIntyre, Ga.; Elmendorf, Texas; Sulphur Sprints, Texas

    • Summit Materials, Inc.

    • Federal cost share: up to $215.6 million

  • Mitchell Cement Plant Decarbonization Project

    • Mitchell, Ind.

    • Heidelberg Materials, Inc.

    • Federal cost share: up to $500 million

​“The steps just taken by the DOE to invest in the decarbonization of our industry will help the U.S. cement and concrete industry aim for the White House’s initiative of net-zero emissions operations by 2050,” said Dean Frank, executive director, NEU. “Here at NEU, we will continue our work with government agencies and the industry to help encourage the use of both new and existing materials and technologies to reduce carbon emissions.”

For more details on the projects, go to the Department of Energy’s Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations.



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