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NEU to Participate in CIC Technology Forum

Join NEU on May 14-16, 2024, at the Hilton of Santa Fe for the ACI Foundation CIC Technology Forum featuring thought leaders, technology experts, and regulatory agencies to discuss the future of the concrete industry. The CIC Technology Forum is an innovation-focused educational and networking event for concrete professionals powered by the Concrete Innovation Council.

NEU Executive Director, Dean Frank, P.E., will lead an afternoon devoted to low-carbon concrete materials beginning with his presentation, “Current Landscape of Low‐Carbon Concrete Materials.” Several technology owners will then provide 15-minute snapshots of their alternative low-carbon materials.

The presentations will focus on the technology; current scale of production; main benefits; product and code compliance and case studies of use. Technology snapshots include:

  • Fortera – Craig W. Hargis, PhD, Vice President Products

  • C‐Crete Technologies – Rouzbeh Savary, PhD, Founder & President

  • Terra CO2 – Michele Blackburn, Commercial Director

  • Prometheus Materials – Loren Burnett, President & CEO 

Dean Frank will then moderate a Q&A segment with forum attendees and panelists.

The day will continue with a presentation on “Innovative Solutions for Adoption of Low Carbon Concrete in Codes,” with speaker Matthew P. Adams, PhD, FACI, Associate Professor with John A. Reif, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology.


The final presentation in the low-carbon concrete session is a case study on “Reducing Embodied Carbon without using Carbon Credits,” by Prologis Nexus. 


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