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Learn About NEU's Validation/Verification Program

NEU hosted a webinar on "The NEU Validation/Verification Program for Evaluation of Environmental Claims Related to Reducing Carbon Emissions Associated with Cement and Concrete.” Dean A. Frank, P.E., Executive Director, NEU: An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete presented the webinar.

With increasing focus on climate change, there is a corresponding increase in product manufacturers and technology development companies making claims in the marketplace to position themselves and their products as possible solutions to reducing carbon emissions in the built environment. As a result, this environmental information is increasingly being used for decision-making by individuals and organizations. This presentation provides an overview of the Validation/Verification Program, which is currently being launched by NEU. The program provides an independent peer assessment of carbon reduction materials and technologies. The Validation/Verification process is conducted impartially by subject matter experts to evaluate the accuracy of relevant technical claims related to reduction of carbon in cement and concrete.


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