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Events & Education

Learn more about NEU and reducing carbon emissions in concrete. Find out where the NEU staff is giving presentations, as well as the latest information on sustainability tradeshows and educational offerings throughout the year.

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Webinars and Events


  • Is There a Pathway to Net Zero Concrete Without Using Offsets?

    • ​Ignacio Cariaga, Commercial Sustainability Director, Heidelberg Materials, will provide the audience with some answers to the thought-provoking question: Does the concrete industry have a pathway to net zero concrete today without using offsets?  Learn More

    • When: February 21 at 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Register Here

  • Communicating Sustainability: How to Share Your Message About Sustainable Initiatives

    • Kimberly Kayler, President, AOE, discusses key ways to communicate the steps your organization is taking, whether that be in the form of a new product or innovative process, that will help your organization reach your sustainability goals. Learn More

    • When: Thursday, March 9 at 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)​ Register Here


  • Carbon Neutral Concrete Specialty Day

    • When: Tuesday, April 4th 2023, San Francisco, CA

Past Webinar Recordings

  • The NEU Center and How ACI is Working to Address Carbon Neutrality in Concrete

    • An overview of the 2022 activities of NEU and programs the organization is currently building. View Here

  • An Overview of Sustainable Concrete Design 

    • Dr. Andrea Schokker, NEU Technical Consultant and Board Advisor, provides an overview of sustainable concrete basics from material choice to design. Explores what to do now and what to expect for the future. View Here

  • ABCs of Carbon Neutral Concrete: LCAs, EPDs and PCRs 

    • Dean A. Frank, P.E., NEU Executive Director, explains the terminology used with low carbon concrete and how LCAs, EPDs and PCRs work together. View Here

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